MonthSeptember 2015

How to Completely Get Rid of YellowSend from Your PC?

Currently, YellowSend has been reported to disturb a great number of computer users. Then what is it? Why many users’ computers get infected with it? How does it come into their computers? How to completely get rid of it from Windows, browsers and registry entry? The above questions may be the most concern of the victims. If you are the unlucky one, please be patient to read this post and we will guide you to remove it step by step.   Really can’t stand the annoying ads generated by... Read more

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Several Effective Methods to Remove CouponDropDown Ads Completely

If you have trouble uninstalling CouponDropDown which got installed on your PC stealthily, please have a look at the removal instructions of CouponDropDown this post. The post shows you some information of the unwanted program and provides you step-by-step guide to removing the program completely. What is CouponDropDown? CouponDropDown is an application which claims to find all the coupons you need automatically while you shop. It displays coupons available for the site you’re browsing at ... Read more

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