Easy Guides to Remove Searchatomic.com from IE Firefox Chrome



1.What is Searchatomic.com
2.Why we need to remove Searchatomic.com
3.How many users remove Searchatomic.com
4.How to remove Searchatomic.com from browser
-remove Searchatomic.com from IE
-remove Searchatomic.com from chrome
-remove Searchatomic.com from Firefox

What is Searchatomic.com?


“Searchatomic Ltd are firmly positioned as global leaders in search engine marketing and web traffic generation. Founded on the vision that no goal is too ambitious, Searchatomic Ltd has evolved into a leading global provider of search-based advertising to publishers globally.
Searchatomic Ltd is a privately owned company based in ASIA and serving customers globally.

The Searchatomic Ltd search network consists of thousands of local and international search engine sites and portals, and works in partnership with many NASDAQ-listed companies and other market leading providers.

We understand website content in real time and serve website users with the most relevant and highest paying ads sourced from our direct advertiser base. We specialise in online advertising, web traffic generation, online search syndication and Search Engine Marketing, helping owners of websites and web networks to generate revenue.”

Source: http://searchatomic.com/about

This is the main content of the “about” page of Searchatomic.com. According to the statement, we can make the conclusion that this is an advertising platform for it sets a goal which seems unlike other search sites or even impossible to be accepted by net users. To reach the goal of advertising, it does do everything once it has been installed on a computer and added to the web browsers. It is not always easy to use an advertising search site, and sometimes it does bring troubles – sometimes it may not only generate pop up ads but also lead to system vulnerability. Victims actually meet many of them. Some complaint that the computer is running more and more weird and it takes more time to load web pages and operate third parties installed on the machine. More than replacing the default homepage and search engine, it does some other things that we do not want to at first. For many net users, deciding which link to click every time getting search results from this search site can be a stressful and time-consuming experience while it is known to all that the results it provides are linked to commercial websites. The only way to put an end to this problem is to remove Searchatomic.com from computer totally – by manual removal or auto-fix tool. It may /sound easy, but when we take actions to remove it, we may find that removing it from computer is not a easy step to take.3

 Why we need to remove Searchatomic.com?

When this program is agreed to be installed on the computer, everything about the infected browsers is ambiguously assumed. The homepage and search engine are both set to its default site. We would get into troubles, then we would be forced to visit this site, while still getting in to more and more troubles by using this search site. It seems like a never-ending problem that has no place for the possibility for reset. We want an quick and perfect search engine – but not necessarily in the sense of commercial pop up ads. We really do not want more out of a good search engine. Usually , we want a fast and useful search engine but not an advertising platform the sued for delivering third parties. We want an reliable search engine that does not put our computer into risks and does not spread computer virus. As it is said, this is a site which is considered as a browser hijacker. The goal of it might be explicitly defined, but most of use are so angry when we are stuck in the pop up contents it displays. We will not be comfortable with a commercial search site which does not benefit us but third parties. Clicking on the insecure pop up contents is still a risk. We can, and will, accidentally download some dangerous files, EX, programs and even viruses after clicking some pop up contents. And that is what makes it harmful to our computers. Even not all the results and links this site provides are dangerous. That uncertainty can be negatively, or it can bring more troubles to the system. Advertising content is what makes our computer terrible, it makes our computer more easy to be infected for once we let virus enter the system, it makes our computer more vulnerable to the infection we have no control. The possible attacks, although, are what make our computer vulnerable and weird. So even though we can not control the pop up contents from this site, we can take quick actions to remove it from computer once it is found.

 How many users remove Searchatomic.com?4

Using reliable search engine is essential to maintain online security and system. Most computer professionals recommend that we utilize famous search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing in order to lower the risks of browsing online. If online purchase is your goal, the key to successfully prevent the financial details from theft is to use reliable search engine and also run your antivirus software to build a strong protection. Of course we should avoid this kind of commercial search site. Once we use this site for online searching, it means that we agree to receive third party websites that work with this site. That way, no matter what keyword we are searching online, contents we get are easier to be replaced by advertising links and websites.5

The figures come from computer security site. This is only a part of users who participate the vote and there are still a large amount of net users who are seeking removal guides to get rid of this browser hijacker. And the amount is increasing since then. It turns out that, most computer users do not welcome the installation of this search program and it is not worth using at all. Generating pop up ads for making money still probably would not be enough to gain benefits, this search site also follows our browsing records like financial data, online purchase, search queries and social accounts. In terms of the pop up ads it brings to our web browsers, it looks less dangerous than privacy theft that our sensitive details might be used for illegal activities. It is hard to say exactly how dangerous is this site, but the developers of this site, who originally create it for commercial purpose, claim that this is advertising site that used for promotion.

 Easy Guides to Remove Searchatomic.com from IE Firefox Chrome


With so many different factors affecting computer security of the infected computer, it is difficult to use it as normal. But there is no choice beside removing this browser hijacker from computer and fix the issues. Previous studies have showed the inconvenience of using this search site as homepage or search site. It is though that when we are browsing some legitimate websites, we are focusing on getting valuable information. In contrast, when we use this site for searching, the risks is increasing at the same time. Almost all weird phenomenon are caused by this threat.

Note: the removal guide below is a manual removal instruction. During the removal process, we need to delete windows registry entries, files and browser add-ons/extensions. According to several studies, computer users who do not have any computer acknowledge tend to fail for the removal instruction is complicated that most inexperienced users can not understand. Thus, for inexperienced users, it is strongly recommended to download auto-fix tool to avoid making mistakes during removal.

Top recommended removal tools 2015:

1    2  3

       Spyhunter            Malwarebytes          Spyware Detector

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 Manual removal instruction:

Open all the browser installed on computer, check which is hijacked by Searchatomic.com. Then, find the corresponding removal step below.

IEGoogle ChromeFirefox

Remove Searchatomic.com from IE

A. Reset homepage

Click IE icon to open the IE homepage, find the “setting” icon at the top-tight corner of the homepage, click it. Move to “Internet Options” at drop-down list. Then a new window will be opened.1

Here, we can reset IE homepage. Remove Searchatomic.com as follow2

Then, type a new address on the box, such as http://www.ggogle.com (if you want to use default homepage, click “use default” option3

Once done, click “OK” to save the changes4

B. Remove related add-on from IE

Open IE, click “setting” icon, select “manage-add” option5

At the left side, choose “search provides”6

Then all search providers available are listed at the right side7

First, click a favorite search provider, and then click “set as default”8

Second, click “searchatomic”, and then click “remove”9

Close the tabs.

C. Clear IE properties

Right-click IE shortcut, find “properties” and click it10

Remove Searchatomic.com from target box11

Click “OK” to save12


Remove Searchatomic.com Chrome

A.Clear Chrome properties

Right click Chrome shortcut, move to “properties”1

Remove Searchatomic.com address from “target” bar2

Click “OK” to save3

B. Reset Chrome homepage and search engine

Open Chrome, click menu icon, select “settings”4

Click “set page” option (blue color)5

Click “X” to remove Searchatomic.com from list6

(note: if you want to set a favorite startup page, enter a new address at “add a new page” section)

Click “OK” to save7

On the “appearance” section, click “change”8

Here, remove Searchatomic.com9

(note: if you want to set a default homepage by yourself, enter the address you want)

Click “OK” to save10

On the “search” section, select “manage search engine…”11

First, choose a favorite search engine on the list, set it to be default1214

Second, click to remove Searchatomic.com from the list14

Click “OK” to save the changes we make15


Remove Searchatomic.com from Firefox

A.Reset Firefox homepage

Open Firefox, click menu icon, move to “options”1

Click “restore to default” option, or you can type a new address if you want2

Click “OK” to save3

B. Remove search provider

Open a new tab, click the drop-down icon, move to “manage search engine”4

Click Searchatomic.com and then “remove”5

Click “OK”6

C. Clear Firefox properties

Right-click Firefox shortcut, click “properties”7

Remove Searchatomic.com from “target” bar8

To save the changes, click “OK”9

Removing Searchatomic.com from web browser is only the way to take browser that have been hijacked back to control. It can not be sure that there are nothing left on the system. If this browser hijacker still exist, do check the control panel to remove its original program from system.

To open control panel and remove malicious program from system:

1. Click Start > Control Panel > Uninstall a program.

Windows 8

1.Drag your mouse cursor to the right edge of the screen, select Search from the list and then search for Control Panel.

Windows XP

1.Click Start > Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs

 Reminder: Auto-fix removal tool is worth a great deal both functionally and usefully. If you fail to remove Searchatomic.com manually, then you may miss some malicious files and folder which have hidden on the system and make them invisible for removing. In this case, removal tool is the only way to get rid of Searchatomic.com effectively.



This useful search site benefits promotional third parties but not ordinary net users who do not need advertisements. Perhaps one of the most gut-wrenching moments in a browsing experience is to be involved in advertising. No one would argue that this is not a insecure search engine that used for advertising. Despite the best efforts of online searching, this site is still untrustworthy enough. Most of us, especially during online browsing, want very reliable search results that do not contain any advertising links. However, the original attempt of this site is to generate traffics and increase visitor’s numbers for specific websites. To achieve its goal, it will display many third party ads on the screen. We all want a clean search engine with no ads. It is not likely to win a good reputation while it continues demonstrating pop ups, and that is the reason why many net uses want to delete it from computer. And it seems being reported by more and more computer users that it is used for delivering other adware and browser hijacker.


The following video offers a complete guide for Searchatomic.com redirect virus removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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