How to Completely Get Rid of YellowSend from Your PC?

Currently, YellowSend has been reported to disturb a great number of computer users. Then what is it? Why many users’ computers get infected with it? How does it come into their computers? How to completely get rid of it from Windows, browsers and registry entry? The above questions may be the most concern of the victims. If you are the unlucky one, please be patient to read this post and we will guide you to remove it step by step.


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What is YellowSend?& How does it trick the victims?

Recently, YellowSend is quite popular on the internet. The so called “popular” is good or bad? Of course not! It is reported that many users’ computers get infected with it. At first sight, YellowSend seems like a legitimate and useful application for allowing users to send AnyFiles, AnySize, AnyWhere from their desktop for free. Just shake all the files, pictures, videos to YellowSend window, specify the recipient(s) and let us do the rest. They will receive it all. That sounds really good. But is that true? The YellowSend developer presents these appealing features with the purpose of attracting users’ attention and inducing them to download YellowSend. Actually, it is a typical ad-supported program also known as an adware which usually comes into the target computer without notice. Be similar to other adware applications, it provides useful functionality simply to trick users to install.

Screenshot of YellowSend (1)

yellowsend adware

How does YellowSend enter your PC & How to avoid installing it again?

Generally,  most computer users won’t directly download YellowSend from its website, but how this adware comes into their computers? Based on the analysis of security experts, most adware or viruses are often packed in malicious or pornographic websites, spam email attachments, bogus software upgrade links. But the most popular way to distribute potentially unwanted programs and malware infections is bundled with free applications. Usually, many users pay no attention when downloading and installing free software. Thus, adware developers intentionally conceal other rogue applications and install on users’ computers along with the freeware.

Screenshot of YellowSend (2)

YellowSend download webpage


install YellowSend

Attention please:  When installing software especially free programs, always select the Advanced or Custom installation which will expose the third party applications. Furthermore, you are advised to carefully read the information of the Terms of Use and privacy-policy and never accept to install other additional programs. Please keep in mind; don’t rush to click on the Next during the installation process if you want to keep your PC safety.


If you have downloaded this adware, then you’d better get rid of it as quickly as possible before it does any further harm to your PC.



What harm does YellowSend produce to your PC?

After breaking into your system, YellowSend won’t generate intrusive online advertisements on your webpage like other types of adware application, but it will insert its add-ons, extensions or plug-ins in your web browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome without asking for your permission. With its add-ons and extensions running, it starts displaying all kinds of annoying commercial ads including coupons, ad banners, discounts and in-text ads on almost every web page you visit. By showing those countless ads and pop ups to every website you visit, it makes your online browsing become more difficult and tough. Any click on those advertisements at random will forward you to some unknown or malicious websites which often include some harmful viruses, Trojans, spyware and other malware. Thus, some potentially unwanted programs may install on your PC secretly. If you see the ads or extensions shown by YellowSend, you should avoid clicking on them.

Screenshot of YellowSend (3)

adware YellowSend

In addition to causing this harm, the adware implants some pernicious files or codes to your registry entry which will damage your Windows Internet Security Service. When you want to use your antivirus software to detect it, you may find it doesn’t work. This adware blocks you from launching your antivirus tool and firewall setting. Far more than that, this adware will run automatically in the background no matter when you launch the system. Also, it has the ability to monitor your browsing habits and collect your software and hardware information including IP address, password, credit card details, and bank number etc. According to these sensitive data, Yellowsend developers will share it with the third party companies or cyber criminals who can misuse it to generate revenue. Thus, it will put your privacy at high risk which may lead to identity theft.

 There are other common symptoms after infecting adware.

  • It keeps displaying numerous pop ups on your webpage.
  • It alters your browser settings and hijacks default homepage.
  • It slows down your Internet speed greatly.
  • It brings in other malware infections on your PC.
  • It creates new registry to activate itself.
  • It causes poor PC performance.
  • It takes up a lot of system resources.


Note: If you encounter these symptoms in the surfer process, maybe there exist some potentially unwanted programs in your PC. Facing with this situation, you’d better use your antivirus software to scan your system so as to ensure the safety of your machine.

More information of YellowSend

In fact, the main goal of the adware like YellowSend is to generate revenue for its developers. By pretending to offer convenience for users to induce them to download their software or click on their products so as to boot web traffic for their sites with the intention to make users believe their applications are really useful. Be aware of the purpose of the developers, you should get rid of this adware without any hesitation.

How to remove YellowSend adware from your PC completely?

As a pesky adware, YellowSend often conceals its files and code in your registry entry, so common antivirus can’t easily detect it. On this occasion, you’d better depend on powerful removal tool to get rid of the adware.

Here, we will recommend three automatic and powerful antivirus removal tools to you. They are SpyHunter, Malwarebytes and Max Spyware Detector. Research shows that the three Revo Uninstallers have helped many computer users solve their computer problems.


There is a detailed introduction to the three powerful removal tools.

download iconFree download SpyHunter Removal Tool

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SpyHunter Features:

    • Delivers ongoing protection against the latest malware, Trojans, rootkits and malicious software.
    • Prevents identity theft and protect online security and privacy.
    • Provides real-time protection of your PC, DNS, and web browsers
    • Automatically detects and removes all types of malware infections.
    • Malicious browser add-ons detection.
    • FREE custom malware fixes specific to your PC.


Meanwhile, the video below will show you the detailed installation process, and then follow the guide to use it to scan your system and remove the adware YellowSend and other potentially unwanted threats completely.


download iconDownload Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

A powerful anti-malware program specially designs to protect your PC from spyware, malware, adware, keyloggers, cookies, worms, Trojans and other potential threats.

Malwarebytes Features:

    • Detects and protects against malware in real-time
    • Blocks hacking and phishing attempts
    • Schedules automatic scanning
    • Offers three flexible scan modes
    • Compatible with most major anti-viruses


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Max Spyware Detector Features:

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    • Speed up Your Computer
    • Best of all, it’s 100% money-back Guaranteed


Option2: YellowSend adware step by step removal guide.

iconUninstall YellowSend from Windows.

iconRemove YellowSend add-ons, extensions from Browsers.

iconDelete the registry files created by YellowSend.

iconReset your browsers to default settings.(If necessary)


 Step1. Uninstall YellowSend from Windows.


1. Click on Start and then choose Control Panel.

Control Panel - Windows7

2. Then click Uninstall a program under Programs. Or click on Programs and then select Programs and Features.

uninstall YellowSend from Windows7

3. Uninstall YellowSend from the list of installed programs by clicking Uninstall/Change button.

Uninstall YellowSend

Windows 8

1. Drag your mouse to the right edge of the screen, select Search from the list and then search for Control Panel.

uninstall a program from Windows8

2. Navigate to uninstall a program, and then remove YellowSend by clicking Uninstall /Change

uninstall YellowSend from Windows8

Windows XP

1. Click Start button and then select Control Panel.

Uninstall ComparingGenie from WindowsXP

2. Double click on Add/Remove Programs.

Add or Remove Wxp

3. And then remove YellowSend by clicking Change/Remove button.

remove YellowSend from WindowsXP

Step2. Remove YellowSend add-ons, extensions from Browsers.

IE icon

1. Open Internet Explorer, click Tools > Manage Add-ons.



2. Select all unknown extensions related to YellowSend in the Toolbars and Extensions and then click Disable button.



1. Open Mozilla Firefox, click Tools > Add-ons.


2. Click on Extensions icon at the left side, and then remove YellowSend and other unwanted add-ons by clicking Remove button.


Google icon

1. Open Google Chrome, click on  at the upper right corner of browser, and then click Tools > Extensions.



2. Remove YellowSend extensions by clicking the trashcan icontrash icon.

remove extensions from google

Important note: Feel difficult to remove YellowSend and other unwanted programs from Control Panel? Can’t completely get rid of all extensions related to this infection? Don’t worry, you can ask for help from a professional YellowSend Removal Tool to eliminate this adware and other unwanted programs completely and quickly.

Step3. Delete the registry files created by YellowSend.

1. Press Windows+R simultaneously, type “Regedit” into the run box and then click OK button. (Available on Windows 7 /Vista, 8 and XP)


2. Find out and delete all unwanted registry files created by YellowSend listed be low:




Warning: It is the toughest step to manually remove all malicious registry files created by YellowSend. Because this adware constantly changes its keys in your infected system, so it’s quite hard for an inexperienced user to completely clear away all of its registry entries. Under the circumstance, maybe a powerful removal tool is your best choice.

Step4. Reset your browsers to default settings.(If necessary)

Step4.1. Reset Internet Explorer to default setting.

1. Open Internet Explorer, click Tools > Internet Options.

internet option

2. Click Advanced tab, then reset Internet Explorer by clicking Reset button.

reset Internet Explorer-Advanced

3. When a dialog box shows on below, don’t forget to tick at the front of Delete personal settings, and then click Reset button.

reset Internet Explorer

4. After resetting, click Close button.

close the window

Step4.2. Reset Mozilla Firefox to default setting.

1. Open Mozilla Firefox, click Help > Troubleshooting Information.


2. After that, you will get a window as shown on below, and then click Refresh Firefox.


3. When a window appears as below, click Refresh Firefox

Refresh Firefox

Step4.3. Reset Google Chrome to default setting.

1. Open Google Chrome, click the icon at the upper right corner and then select Settings.

google setting

2. Click Show advanced settings… at the bottom of the window.

show advanced setting

3. Then scroll down your mouse to the bottom and click Reset browser settings button.

reset browser settings

4. After reading the information in the dialog box, then click Reset button.



Through the above methods, adware YellowSend should be removed completely from your PC. Nowadays, internet viruses spread faster and faster, also, the cyber criminals become more and more rampant. Though we can’t stop virus transmission, we can prevent malware from entering our computer by taking corresponding measures. For example, never click unknown links or randomly open the email attachments from someone you don’t know. Besides, never visit some suspicious or pornographic websites. Furthermore, always download software especially freeware from official or trustworthy sites. Don’t ignore these simple measures. They can effectively protect the security of computer. In short, don’t make any chances to malware.


The following video offers a complete guide for YellowSend adware removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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