How to Remove Start from Computer is a search site created by Polypower Technology Co.,Limited, providing search engine named “Quick Start”. According to its states, this is an valuable search engine helping to save time. The search results of this search provider are enhanced by Google with quick,easy access to relevant videos,pictures,local maps,news,stock quotes and more.

But, as effective and valuable as this search site is, why there are still tons of net users want to remove it from computer? The answer might be that almost all users who get this search engine in computer at the beginning all consider it to be annoying for it is a bundle of other programs we install. This software has entered thousand of computers in less than a year by attaching to third party programs. Since there are many regular search engines are released within these years, accounts for a very small market, making it look so unreliable and untrustworthy.


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Why we need to remove Start?

First, we test the risks of Start with antivirus software Spyhunter. After a full scan on the computer which has been infected by this unwanted program, all the threats have been listed. According to the scan result, has been detected as a browser hijacker for the reason that it forcibly changes the default homepage of Google Chrome, Firefox or IE, with numerous relevant files and folders dropping on the system. Even if we disregard the potential risks this search site will bring to computer systems, when it might install some additional browser helper objects or plugins, this is quiet the most terrible thing. In addition, the search engine provided by this sire named “Quick Start” is defined as a PUP or potential unwanted program. Result’ data also indicates that the “Quick Start” is a potential unwanted application for it uses a large amount of system resources, even when idle. Probably it has added to the startup item and makes its program can be automatically started when the computer is logged in.

Spyhunter scan:


Why it is considered to be risky?

For almost all search engine or search site collect our personal information for its services or third parties. But compared to Google, Bing or other reliable and famous search engine, this site is not so trustworthy for it is not really famous. When using this search engine, it simply means not only the browser but the search engine will keep track of our history, import our bookmarks, or automatically log into any of our accounts. It is not easy to keep our identity hidden from the sites we visit or our ISP-so, comparing with Google or other famous search engine, it is more risks we are taking if we use this search engine. Once anyone finds the default homepage and start page have all been changed to this site, and there is never been a time that someone have download its program and installed, it is advised to check whether some third party program carry this process to the computer system.

How can Start get installed on computer?

According to the detection and research, this program is most likely to make use of media players and JAVA updates to get inside a computer system and perform an invisible installation. The below three programs are the most common carriers attached by this unwanted program.


Possible troubles caused by browser hijacker:

-The shift of homepage and search engine caused by browser hijacker is super annoying.
-It also has been replacing some system folders with malicious files and folders.
-Many of the changes in infected computer are not easy to manually set back.
-The affected computer might suffer from system vulnerability.
-It often fails to run some program.
-Frequent system death and it always gets stuck when running antivirus programs.

How to Remove Start from Computer?

For those net users who get this program installed on the computer and have no idea about how to remove it or which removal tool to use for its removal. Here, we first recommend a powerful removal tool Spyhunter which has been tested before and we can clearly see that the effectiveness of it is really excellent. Spyhunter is one of the best-buy antivirus software which is recommended by a lot of PC professionals.

Recommended removal tools: 

1    2  3

       Spyhunter            Malwarebytes          Spyware Detector

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If you do not want to download any tool from the internet, we still provide manual removal details below to help remove this program and clean all infected web browsers.

Manual removal details:

Step one: Clean all infected web browsers


Open “Registry Editor” to delete related registry entries:

Click “windows” icon at the low left corner, search “regedit” at the search box.


Right click the “regedit” program, and select “run as administrator” and then “yes


On the opened window, click “HKEY_CURRENT_USER” folder


Select “software”and move to “Microsoft


After, find and open “Internet Explorer” folder


Select “Main” folder and open it.


Here, we can see some data, find the below start page and search page details, change them.


Click the search page data, change to “GOOGLE.COM


After, click start page string, change “” to “about:blank


Then, close all the windows and start IE browser to check if the settings have been reset.


Open Firefox, type “about:config” on the address bar and click “I will be careful, I promise”


Once the window is opened, search “home”


As long as the results are displayed, select the startup homepage string, remove it and click “OK”67

After, search “newtab” at the search bar.


Click “browser.newtab.url” string, remove it.910


Open Chrome, click menu icon at the top right corner and then select “settings”


At the open window, select “settings”


At the “startup” part, click “set pages”


Remove “” by click “×” and then click “OK”



Then, at the “appearance” part, “√” “show home button”


Then click “change” remove “” and select “use the new tab page”


Go to “search” part, click “manage search engine”, remove related search engine if it is found.


After, select “history”, select “clear browsing data…”


Step two: Uninstall program from control panel

To open control panel:

Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, XP: Click Start.(at the low left corner of desktop)>Click Settings> Control Panelwin xp

Windows Vista, 7, 8.1:click Start ( On the Windows desktop screen)>Click Control Panel (on the right-hand side of the window)


Windows 8: right-click at the bottom left corner of the screen>select Control Panel (in the power user menu)

win 8

(Note: If you are having trouble finding a specific icon, there is a search box in the top right-hand corner of the Control Panel window)



Most people are wrong about browser hijacker or redirect virus will not harm the computer but replace browser settings only. However, it is not true. Usually, browser hijacker or redirect virus does not comes along, they always introduce some other additives like browser helper objects, plugins, add-ons/extension or even third parties programs, in this case, no one can guarantee the security of those additional downloads. Once a program which provides search engine and homepage is downloaded, this would be more dangerous than expected and would result in random troubles.


For computer security, it is better to use powerful antivirus software for protection. The below three antivirus software are recommended for PC security protection. The development of antivirus software would offer a boost towards effects to protect computers from attacks.

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