How to Remove Sonic Train from Your Computer with Ease

The name of this software may associate you with limited express, but if you have once used it, you will know that actually this software has nothing to do with the train and start to regret that you have downloaded it on your computer. Many users have complained that their computer condition went worse after they installed Sonic Train and it can be completely uninstalled from the computer. If you are in the same position with them, eager to find effective ways to get rid of this unwanted program, detailed removal guide are listed below. If you have not seen this program and have no idea about what it is, you can get more information about it from this post.

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Basic Information about Sonic Train


How can Sonic Trian Get into Your PC?


How Do You Remove Sonic Train from Your PC?
⇒Remove it by Using SpyHunter
⇒Remove it by Using Malwarebytes
⇒Remove it by Using Max Secure Spyware Detector
⇒Remove it from the PC and browsers manually( with video guide)

basic info about Sonic train

Sonic Train is distributed on Internet widely as a type of browser software with a set of web browsing features and functionalities. It claims to help users to personalize their browsing experience with high quality. It has also mentioned that for improving users’ experience, text, graphics or other content will be displayed within the browser. Some people may think this program would be helpful when they read about such words, however, you have to note that the amount of those contents it delivers to you has no limitation. In fact, Sonic Train is deemed as adware that will display a lot of advertising contents on the infected computer in a variety of forms. It is not a computer virus or a Trojan horse, but it still will pose a huge risk to users’ computer. The official site of this software has a similar domain with the other site which is a legitimate site about another application. I could not find any connection between them for the two websites are introducing two totally different applications in different fields, so don’t confuse them with each other.

The screenshot above is the home page of Sonic Train. Based on my experience, it is safe to visit this website. Your computer will not involve in any malware or risky virus if you only do browsing on this page. I can’t even find a place that will direct me to download this application since there is no any download link or download icon on this website. Though there indeed is a “click here” which has been marked with green color and underline on its download page, it is just plain text without hyperlink. I guess there was a link to download the program, but for some unknown reason it has been removed, so users can only get this application from other sources for the time being. When I clicked on the “Learn more Today” button, I was brought to the contact page which is really get me confused. I do not understand why “Learn more Today” would be the cue of the contact page where users can send message to the product team. Besides the End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy, you cannot find any other information about this program on this website. It is unclear how this program work and what it looks like. Users cannot get any important information that they really want to know about this software on this website, so this site is of little value to them. Few people would have ever read the EULA or Privacy Policy for they are very expatiatory and seems not important. It is commonly thought that downloading a program means it is necessary and no matter what have been mentioned on those terms are acceptable for they will never cross the line. What users care are the features and functionalities that a product possesses.

sonic train EULA

sonic train EULA2

However, some unethical software developers or advertisers make use of such attitude and create a great number of fraudulent software to trap unsuspicious users. Some of them may clearly state that their products contain advertising contents from other third party, or there will be extra programs bundle with the product while users can select to install them or not. But the others are so untruthful that they will never tell users what will be attached with their products and what will the program result in. Users can only find the truth by themselves after they install the software on their systems. Such behaviors will get users exasperated when they find they have been cheated and give the software a bad name, so why would so many software developers and the advertisers keen on create potentially unwanted program? The answer is that they are eager to make as much money as they can in a short time and they will try the most effortless way to achieve this goal. Their real goal is to get profit for their own benefit, not to provide useful services or programs to users, so they do not care they will have poor reputation.

Sonic Train is such a product of unlawful company or cyber criminals. It works as a tool or a medium that deliver ads to the infected browsers while users are browsing web pages. No matter what kind of website you enter, the website you are visiting can be covered by the ads powered by Sonic Train or other third party as the picture below.

javascrip_sonic train ads

It is really annoying when your normal browsing is always interrupted by those unsolicited ads. If you want to continue the browsing, you have to close all ads by clicking the “X” on the top-right corner of the ads. You would be lucky if those ads just disappear after you click on the mark as in some cases the ads will not go away, instead, one or more than one new strange web pages will open on the browser. These pages can be threatening to your computer for they may contain dangerous content that can invade and attack your computer systems. The ads can be displayed in any forms such as banner, pop-up/under and video. Besides, some additional program will be installed on your computer secretly while you are installing Sonic Train. The malware could be spyware, ransomware or adware that could bring more troubles to your PC. Sonic Train will record users’ IP address, browsing history, search terms and even personal information like Email address. The data they collect may be shared with other third party for commercial purpose without users’ authorization and knowledge. Keeping this software on your computer will only put you and your computer is a very dangerous position. You should eliminate it right away if it gets in to your computer system.

How Can Sonic Train Get Installed on Your PC

Since it doesn’t provide any available download source on its official website, users usually get this adware via these ways:

  1. Download malicious software from unsecure websites. Sonic Train can be embedded in other software and be installed with the freeware. Users have no intention of downloading or installing it at all, but it is able to slip into the computer system in secret. Users should pay more attention to the terms of use and the options while installing any program. In most cases, the installation of additional programs can be canceled.
  2. Open unsafe attachment or link from spam email. The filters of your email sometimes may fail to pick the spam email out, and innocent users will open the attachment or redirect link without a doubt. However, sometimes even the emails are from your close friends or families could be harmful for their account can be hacked by cyber criminals. If you receive any email with strange links or attachment, you should confirm the safety personally by contacting the sender to make a confirmation offline.
  3. Click on fraudulent pop-ups or links. There would be some pop-up windows with various contents when we do online browsing from site to site. Some of them are about commercial ad, and others could be about false warning or fake message. It is not recommended that users click on the pop-ups from non-mainstream sites as they could bring risky programs to your computer. Don’t enter any personal detail to a strange website. If you have to, please check for the reputation before doing this.

How do you remove Sonic Train from Your PC

Sonic Train is a treacherous adware that should be removed by a powerful removal tool. It has the capacity to infect all the browsers that have been installed on your PC and make changes to Windows Registry in order to be activated with Windows operating system. It would be a huge work to remove it without an automated tool especially for those who are not familiar with computer. Thus, here we would like to recommend some removal tools for you to make your choice. They are received rave review and well-deserved reputation by many computer users. You can rest assure that they are absolutely safe to use.

pedestal_competitive_-512 (2)


SpyHunter possesses the ability to detect and remove rootkits or any other malicious objects. Its advanced and powerful scan service is free of charge but removal service requires users to register for it. It is able to detect the malware that some other antivirus program miss. If SpyHunter cannot remove any detected malicious item, you can turn to its Spyware HelpDesk and then their product technicians will come to your help.

You can download it by clicking the download button:

download spyhunter

Follow the installation wizard to install it on your computer:

Run SpyHunter Installer


Select your language

select the language

start the installation
Accept the EULA and click on Install

accept the terms and agreements

Installation will be processing and users have to wait for a few minutes. When complete, click on EXIT and a new scan for the system will automatically start.

finish the installation

Click on Fix Threats to remove all malicious programs

fix threats 2


Malwarebytes Anti-Malware can work for both Microsoft Windows and Apple OS X operating system. Its free version can scan and remove malware and the premium version provides more features like malicious website blocking and real-time protection to protect your computer.
You can download Malwarebytes by clicking the download button:Double click the installer program to run it
Download-Malwarebytes-NowRun the installer program
run downloaded fileSelect the language you are going to use
MalwareBytes 1
Click on Next > to move on
MalwareBytes 3Select the position that you want to save Malwarebytes on
MalwareBytes 5Confirm your settings and click on Install to start the installation
Malwarebytes 8When the whole process completes, click Finish to start a new scan
MalwareBytes 10
Click on Scan Now and wait for a while
Click on Finish
scan finish


Max Spyware Detector iocnMax Spyware Detector

Max Secure Spyware Detector is the fastest Antispyware software. It will scan the entire system by using a frequently updated database of thousands of known computer threats. However, you need to buy it if you want to remove detected threats.

You can download Max Secure Spyware Detector by clicking the download button:

download maxspywaredetector

Run the Setup program to start installation

maxspywaredetector installation 1

After all preparations are made, you can select the language
maxspywaredetector installation 3
Click on Next > to move on to next step

maxspywaredetector installation 4

Carefully read the agreement, accept it and click on Next >

maxspywaredetector installation 5

After checking the condition of your computer system, the setup will process immediately
maxspywaredetector installation 7

A new scan will automatically start when installation finishes
maxspywaredetector start scan

Users can see the scan results after scan is over
maxspywaredetector scan results

If you want to remove Sonic Train from your computer manually, please follow the remove guide step by step carefully. The video guide will show you how to remove it from control panel and your browser (includes Firefox and Chrome).

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