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Please help me! My computer is infected with I don’t know what it is. It will automatically and quickly pops up without any signs when I open my browser to do some surfing. What’s morse, it replaces my default Firefox homepage without permission. Besides, there are numerous annoying pop-up ads appearing on my screen which makes me can’t finish my work on time. I have tried many times to close those nasty pop-up ads but they still appear. I don’t know how it enters my computer. Please give me some suggestions to get rid of this unwanted browser completely, any advice would be appreciated.

Description of is doubtlessly regarded as a perilous browser hijacker which comes into users’ computers without any authorization and consent. Usually, users are easily attacked by it during the application installation. The main purpose of the browser hijacker is to corrupt the popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome and replace them as the default search engine. Because this potentially unwanted program is compatible with the famous browsers, so it is not easy to cause suspicion. But in reality it is a bogus search engine that pretends to be genuine and helpful one in order to deceive the majority of computer users. No matter when surfing the internet, it will show a lot of annoying ads, banners or sponsored links on users’ browsers to generate web traffic so as to obtain lucrative profits. The picture below shows that the homepage of your Internet Explorer was hijacked by


What kind of consequences it will bring about once gets installed on your PC?

After invading your computer successfully, it will try to perform malicious actions to the target computer. First of all, it will alter the system registry settings so that it can automatically active itself when you start up your Windows. After that, it modifies your current browser settings without any permission and consent. As a matter of course, it becomes your default search engine. Then you will find that it is hard to be removed from you PC. Every time you browse webpage using this unsafe search engine whose homepage always pops up plenty of advertisements and attractive sponsored links in your search results which may destroy your browsing experience terribly. Frequently, you are redirected to some unknown commercial websites where you are forced to click some suspicious links or websites that may contain trojansand malware. Once you click on those links, trojans and malware can be automatically installed on your computer without your permission. And worse of all, this browser hijacker is proficient enough to record your browsing experience and steal your confidential data like login password, credit card or bank account information. Probably, all of that information will be sended to cyber criminals who utilize it to perform some illegal activities through internet. If you keep this browser hijacker inside your system for a long time, your system will collapse sooner or later even the computer performance will be affected too. Apparently, there is a great harm to your PC once installed. So for security’s sake, it is highly advised you to remove from your system as early as possible.



Want to know how gets into your machine?

It is not difficult to find that is produced by hackers, so it is skilled in entering and attacking the target computer. Usually, it bursts into the target computer through different channels. The most common way is that it comes bundled with the third- party application. If you blindly click on the Next button when installing, you can agree to change your homepage or add extra programs without any notice. That is why it is recommended to choose a custom installation and deselect anything that is not familiar. Besides, you should follow each of installation steps and carefully read the instruction. On the other hand, the virust enters your system because you accidently click suspicious links, open spam e-mail attachments, visit some malicious websites or download some freeware from unreliable websites and so on. So you should raise your vigiliance in order to avoid installing pernicious program like on the computer.


gWAgWWH— is it really dangerous?

As mentioned above, it is quite clear that is a potentially unwanted program also a crafty browser hijacker. So you should get rid of it completely from your machine as soon as possible in order to avoid further damage. The guide below will show you how to deal with the browser hijiacker step by step.

Guide to Remove Thoroughly.

Option1. Manual removal guide

Step1. Uninstall via Control Panel.

Step2. Remove related extentions from Browsers.

Step3. Reset Your Browser Settings From IE/Firefox/Chrome/Safari.

Option2. Automatic removal guide


Option1. Manual removal guide

Step1. Uninstall via Control Panel.


1. Click Start > Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features.




2.Search for in the list of installed programs, select and remove it by clicking Uninstall/Change button.

Uninistall WSE_Taplika


Windows 8

1.Drag your mouse cursor to the right edge of the screen, select “Search” from the list and then search for “Control Panel”.


2.Navigate to Uninstall a program, then terminate by clicking Uninstall button.



Windows XP

1.Click Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs.

Control Panel xp

add or remove program

2.Then remove by clicking Change/Remove button.



Step2. Remove related extentions from Browsers.


1.Open Internet Explorer, click Tools > Manage Add-ons.

ie-manage-add-ons (1)

2.Select all unknown extensions in the Toolbars and Extensions and then click Disable button.

unknown programs



1.Open Mozilla Firefox and click 3 stripes icon, then select Add-ons.


2.Click on Extensions at the left side, search for and then click Remove button.



Google Chrome

1.Open Google Chrome and click 3 bars icon > Tools > Extensions.

Google chrome

2.Remove or other unwanted extensions by clicking the trashcan icon.

Google extension



1.Open Safari, click the icon at the upper right corner and then choose Preferences.


2.Then go to Extensions and erase unwanted extensions related to by clicking Uninstall button.

uninstall malware


Step3. Reset Your Browser Settings From IE/Firefox/Chrome/Safari.


1.Open Internet Explorer, click Tools and then choose Internet Options.

internet options

2.Change the Home page in the General tab, click Use Current/Use Default and then click OK button.


3.Or click Advanced tab, then reset the browser settings by clicking Reset button.


4.Another method, open Internet Explorer again, click Tools > Manage Add-ons > Search Providers. Remove this unwanted search engine and then reset the one you prefer as default.


Manage Add-ons



1.Open Mozilla Firefox and go to Help menu,then select Troubleshooting information.


2. Click Reset Firefox option on the right side of the page to reset your browser settings.

reset Mozilla Firefox

3. When a authentication frame appears as shown below, then click Reset Firefox button.


4. Another way, click on the search provider icon next to the search box, select Change Search Settings, remove and then reset your Default Search Engine and click OK button.

Change Search settings

Remove Taplika 1


Google Chrome

1.Open your Google Chrome, go to 3 bars icon and then select Settings.

Google settings

2.Move to On Startup, mark Open a specific page or set of pages, then click Set pages to set up your new webpage.

Set Pages

2.Scroll down to Appearance, mark Show Home button and then click Change to change your homepage.


3.Go to Search and click Manage search engines. Make the one you like as your default search engine.

Manage search engines

4. Find the Show advanced settings… link on the tab that opened up.

reset-chrome-1 (1)

5. Move your mouse to the bottom of the Windows, then click the Reset browser settings button.

reset-chrome-2 (1)

6. After reading the information in the authentication box, click Reset button.

reset browser settings



1. Open Safari, click the icon at the upper right corner and then choose Reset Safari.

Reset Safari

2. Select the options you want to reset (usually all of them come preselected) and then click Reset button.

Reset browser from Safari


Note: if the manual removal guide mentioned above can’t remove and its related extensions completely, it’s advised to have a comprehensive scan of your entire system with a powerful anti-virus program. Here, we will recommend three powerful malware removal tools below to you, which have been helped many users solve their computer problems successfully. All of them can detect and clear away all potentially unwanted threats inside your system automatically and thoroughly.

Option2. Automatic removal guide

SpyHunter –a professional and powerful malware removal tool designed with the latest technology, which can automatically and quickly get rid of various malware like viruses, Trojans, adware, worms, spyware from the infected computers without causing any

Malwarebytes – a powerful anti-malware program that can automatically prevent malware and websites from infecting your PC as well as detect and eliminate malware your antivirus will miss.

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Max Spyware Detector – a 5-star rated Anti-Spyware that provides real-time protection against spyware, adware, Trojan horses, keyloggers, tracking cookies, browser hijackers and other Malware threats.



Potentially unwanted program like always sneaks into the target computer by taking advantage of your recklessness. Nowadays, online scams are everywhere, we are vulnerable to be attacked by them. So we must raise vigilance no matter when browsing the internet. Besides, we should master some useful tips to protect our computers from being infected by malware.



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Now,  I’m sure has been removed from your PC completely.


The following video offers a complete guide for redirect virus removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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