Best Antivirus Software for PC and Laptop 2015


Best Antivirus Software for PC and Laptop 2015

-top antivirus software review and assessment


What is antivirus software and what is its function?

Antivirus software, also known as anti-virus software, is used to eliminate computer viruses, Trojan horse and a class of malware threats like malicious programs. Usually, a regular software contain the integrated functions, including monitoring, recognizing and scanning virus; cleaning and auto-update. Some antivirus software even are capable of recovering data. This is an important part of system defense along with firewall to kill Trojan horse, prevent the intrusion of virus and other malicious software program as well as for system prevention. Antivirus software is a kind of tool that clean and remove viruses, Trojan horse and all infections and program codes that have been known to threat the computer. Programs that are functioning for removing malicious processes, offering internet security suite and defensing potential attacks are all under the category of antivirus software.

With more and more antivirus software are developed, we seem more comfused when choose a antivirus software that suit our computer most. antivirus software is indispensable for PC protection. Here, to help PC users get more acknowlegde about  antivirus software and make it more easy for users to select an efective antivirus software, in this post, we list 3 top antivirus software with details.


Spyhunter, Malwarebytes and Max Spyware Detector review and assessment

SpyHunter icon1. Spyhunter

Developed by: Enigma Software
Ranked: 1st-Best Buy
Overall Rating: 5STARTS

Spyhunter is an effective malware removal tool which is highly recommended for 2015. At present, the most dangerous and nasty infections that influence our daily browsing must be adware, redirect virus, phishing sites and Trojan virus. Spyhunter free scanner is able to detect the above-mentioned infections and provider quick removal after buying the full version of it. The newest version of Spyhunter has perfected the protection function and improved consumer experiences on the basis of the original version. Once download users may encounter a safe protection in the process of surfing which automatically intercepts false, fraud, adware and let users browsing with zero risk. Killing virus in one key. Most operating system can use and the installation is clean with no ads and bundles.


Installation 5STARTS


It will not take long to download and install, only a couple of minutes the software will be completed the installation with no ads and bundles. Also, it provides different kinds of languages for continence.


Scanning 5STARTS




When the software has fully installed to a computer, it automatically runs to scan the system at the first time. After the full scan, a list of threats will be displayed.

Effectiveness 5STARTS

Strong removal on adware, homepage hijacker and redirect virus and a really good ability to defense rootkits. (note: some antivirus software do not detect rootkits and even can not define adware and browser hijacker.)


malwarebytes icon2. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Developed by : Malwarebytes Corporation
Ranked: Excellent
Overall Rating: MAL RATE

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, a kind of malware removal tool, helps to detect and removal several types of attacks like spyware, rogues program, rookits, Trojan virus and so on. It is the most favorite tool that many net users would like to download for it has a really good reputation. It is a comprehensive antivirus software that cleans up and protects PCs from viruses, spyware, Trojans, adware threats and worms. This has always been a very good virus removal tool that has won a honorable mention rated by thousands of PC users. Even at the beginning the developer of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware states that this is not a traditional antivirus software that can directly compete with others, but right now the database of it has been updated. As a recommended tool by many users, this antivirus software does not disappoints us. With the development of hacking technology, more and more potential threats appear, at this tool must be the enemy of them for it focuses on catching the newest and most cutting-edge threats. And this must be a shinning point of it when compared to other antivirus software.


mal install

Time consuming of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware turns out to be good. It comes out top when competing with others whether the restart after installation is really fast. It gives a excellent installation experience.


malwarebytes scan

Undoubtedly, the scanning of Malwarebytes is fast also. The ability of detection is the corn competence of antivirus software testing. In this case, Malwarebytes has proved to be powerful and trustworthy. The fast scanning and powerful detection has reflected its strength.

EffectivenessMAL RATE



Fast scanning and quick removal, this is a very good real-time scanner and removal tool which can quickly detect and eliminate threats effectively. Simple to operate, only one several clicks and get all scan and removal done.



Max Spyware Detector iocn3. Max Spyware Detector

Developed by: Max Secure Software
Ranked: Best buy
Overall Rating: MAL RATE


Max Spyware Detector is an effective spyware detector and registry cleaner with the functions of anti-virus and Firewall. Also, unlike other antivirus software, this tool also provides speed-up function that help to clean and optimize windows registry and prevent crashes and freezes. The most obvious characteristic of Max Spyware Detector is the small lightsome, elegant interface, and antivirus ability strong. It combines various protective functions in one program, including system optimization, speed-up, virus removal, PC protection. It aims at detecting and removing spyware which invade computers and try to steal privacy and reduce PC performance. As a world class anti spyware, it is suitable for all net user all around the world.


No bundles, no ads and no promotions. The procedure of installation is very safe and quick as well.


max scan

Max Secure Spyware Detector detects and deletes the toughest spyware programs in just one scan. After a quick system scan, all the potential threats as Spyware, Malware, Trojans, Spy tools and Keylogger will be found and listed.

EffectivenessMAL RATE


As an efficient security tool powered by many kinds of advanced features, it is highly recommended to utilize. With a perfect database of the most commonly and largely found spyware, malware and viruses, Max Spyware Detector is recommended by most PC experts what is more, the update of it enable more functions to defense attacks.


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To make a PC safe, a trustworthy antivirus program is not indispensable. So many researches suggest that the negative effects of internet attacks can not be avoided with only the default Firewall provided by Microsoft. There are many potential risks when we are surfing like hackers plant viruses on public computers and websites to steal the passwords for your accounts when you log on. In this case, a powerful antivirus software is needed to lower the risks we are taking and build a strong defense to prevent infections and data theft. Most infections we encounter come form illegal websites, USB sticks and mobile hard drives, so we should run a virus scan before we use them. Thus, antivirus software can help to do the job. When a virus accesses a computer, the hacker can control the camera to record user’s image, or even to record we typing in passwords on our keyboard. So pay attention that you don’t point the camera at your keyboard. All in all, antivirus software plays an important role in our daily computer works.



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